#OrgShift : Why aren’t organisations shifting – unConference

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Ah the beauty of an unconference. Loose format; Open Space as our guiding frame and then the thoughts, passion and ideas that come from discussions with people known and unknown. The folks at http://caterfly.co.uk/ have arranged this event as an unconference around the question “Why aren’t organisations shifting?” and by shifting we’re saying yes there’s change but is it the kind of change we need or should be seeing given the new insight, inspiration and enlightenment we have about the human soul, spirit and mind at work..? It seems not. We do see examples of great ways to work in some places but….

Why aren’t organisations shifting? Event highlights

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Yesterday a group of practitioners and work transformation enthusiasts gathered for an Open Space event hosted by Caterfly to discuss the question: why aren’t organisations shifting? I’d like to share some highlights from the conversations I was involved in…. Can you shift an organisation from within?

#Orgshift- Why aren’t organisations shifting?

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I spent yesterday in a bubble of inspiration- an Open Space event in a room full of individuals who are as passionate as I am about changing the way that we live and work. I then came home to watch the analysis and comment on George Osbourne’s challenge to government departments to save up to 40% on their budgets by 2019-20. As someone who has spent her whole career in the social sector, my interests particularly lie in how new models of “work” might be applied to the delivery of public services. Since the start of the economic crisis, there has been ubiquitous talk of the seismic shift that is required for public services…