Highlights from Caterfly’s Open Space event

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We were all drawn to this place to answer the question: why aren’t organizations shifting? Among us were people making shifts within their own organizations; coaches and consultants devoted to guiding people towards better ways of working; educators frustrated with the current system; and some who simply had the nagging sense that “there must be a better way.” Martin Grimshaw and Francois Knuchel, from Caterfly, invited the group to volunteer ideas for exploratory, participant-led sessions. Within minutes, the wall was plastered with headings: barriers to change, reinventing education, and even a session done in complete silence. In this Field Report, I’d like to share the key themes from the sessions I took part in…

#OrgShift : Why aren’t organisations shifting – unConference

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Ah the beauty of an unconference. Loose format; Open Space as our guiding frame and then the thoughts, passion and ideas that come from discussions with people known and unknown. The folks at http://caterfly.co.uk/ have arranged this event as an unconference around the question “Why aren’t organisations shifting?” and by shifting we’re saying yes there’s change but is it the kind of change we need or should be seeing given the new insight, inspiration and enlightenment we have about the human soul, spirit and mind at work..? It seems not. We do see examples of great ways to work in some places but….

Why aren’t organisations shifting? Event highlights

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Yesterday a group of practitioners and work transformation enthusiasts gathered for an Open Space event hosted by Caterfly to discuss the question: why aren’t organisations shifting? I’d like to share some highlights from the conversations I was involved in…. Can you shift an organisation from within?