Highlights from Caterfly’s Open Space event

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We were all drawn to this place to answer the question: why aren’t organizations shifting? Among us were people making shifts within their own organizations; coaches and consultants devoted to guiding people towards better ways of working; educators frustrated with the current system; and some who simply had the nagging sense that “there must be a better way.” Martin Grimshaw and Francois Knuchel, from Caterfly, invited the group to volunteer ideas for exploratory, participant-led sessions. Within minutes, the wall was plastered with headings: barriers to change, reinventing education, and even a session done in complete silence. In this Field Report, I’d like to share the key themes from the sessions I took part in…

Why aren’t organisations shifting? Event highlights

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Yesterday a group of practitioners and work transformation enthusiasts gathered for an Open Space event hosted by Caterfly to discuss the question: why aren’t organisations shifting? I’d like to share some highlights from the conversations I was involved in…. Can you shift an organisation from within?